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Acesso à informação


Access to Reports

The e-Patentes/Parecer system allows the user of Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) to access reports generated in accordance with Article 35 of Law 9.279/96, during the technical examination of patent applications. The reports are available as PDF files with electronic signature, as well, the cited prior art documents are also available. The main objective of this system is to facilitate access to documents produced by the INPI patent examiners and expedite the manifestation of the applicant within the period specified by Article 36 of Law 9.279/96.

The system provides 433672 reports and 27616 cited prior art documents and, since its started, permited the access to 2373598 documents (2200662 reports e 172936 cited documents). The last journal available is the journal number 2390.

example: 2104

example: MU8000369; 102013008273; PI0406946